Lake TV - Lake of the Ozarks' ONLY TV Station: Charter Ch. 197 / CoMo Ch. 90 / RoKu   |    CALL THE NEWS DESK: 573-552-8832

About Us

Lake TV is an independent TV station, broadcasting in the Lake Area, on Charter Cable and Co-Mo Connect channel 90(see map). Lake TV delivers telivision content dedicated to the Lake Area for both residents and visitors alike.

Lake TV's deep connection and coverage of community events, outdoor activities, charity functions, education, government meetings, etc., make for a very popular channel. Being independent allows Lake TV to provide very focused and informative local content, great ad frequency and competitive advertising packages that reach the end user directly from the comfort of their living rooms.

Lake TV is an efficient, trackable and honest company providing real results, plain and simple. We achieve great success through constantly doing our research on the Lake area, planning and executing productions carefully, strategic placement of the finished product and accountability for everything we do. Lake TV is proud to be a part of the Lake Area community.
Delivering the public in-depth information about what makes the Lake Area such a great place to live and visit is our daily goal.

LakeTV is streaming online, on cable TV and on YouTube. Talk about exposure!

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